Large Dome tent
Large Dome tent
Create the right space

Large Dome tent

Always plenty of room in our large Dome tent

Are you looking for a large Dome tent for a wedding, major event or festival? At Domes Europe we can certainly help you! Throughout Europe we are a top supplier of large Dome tents for every occasion.

Together we ensure the realization of a large Dome tent for every situation. And of course, large is a relative term. You determine the size of the Dome. With our wide range of large Dome tents, we always have the one that fits best. Of course we are happy to think along with you for the right solution.

We are keen to make your idea or concept a reality and would love to hear how you envision it! See here all options for creating your unique dome.

Large Dome tent - Dome tent

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  • 9 standard sizes
  • Diameter range between 6 meter and 30 meter
  • Surface area range between 29 and 700 m2.
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Large Dome tent - Options
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The options to make your Dome tent unique

For every Large Dome tent, we can provide personalization of the tent, tailored to the content of the event. Domes Europe is therefore your reliable partner.
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Why a Large Dome tent

Our product range includes Dome tents with a surface area ranging from 29 to 700 square meters! This means that there is a suitable large Dome for every occasion. The content is entirely up to you, we are happy to coordinate your ideas and wishes.

Because our tents are adaptable based on theme and type of event, together we can ensure that it completely matches the ambiance you seek. Choose different colors, lighting and decoration and you will create a completely different atmosphere.

In addition to the surface area of the tent, the appearance also plays an important role. Our tents are easy to fit into your theme or type of event. With relatively simple additions such as lighting, flooring, chairs and tables, you can quickly create your own characteristic look and atmosphere.

Let us think along with you

When you contact us, together we will discuss your ideas or concept. Then we will start by selecting the right Large Dome tent for you and we will come up with a suitable design. All your wishes will be taken into account.

Of course we are happy to help you choose one of our Domes. This can be done by telephone or email. Naturally we can come visit you on your location. This all depends on the destination of the Large Dome tent. Al the options are also described in detail on this website.

We can set up our Dome tents for you on the location you desire. This will be coordinated with you. Together we ensure that you van offer the ultimate experience to your guests. Besides renting it’s also possible to buy a Dome tent.

If you already know exactly what you are looking for, we will gladly help you one step further towards realization. If you are not sure yet and would like some advice, wa are also there for you. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Large Dome tent - Options