Hexagon Dome tent
Hexagon Dome tent
A Dome for every occasion

Hexagon Dome tent

The creative tent solution

Are you tired of the standard party tent or festival tent and do you long for something more original and creative? Then we have the solution: a hexagon Dome tent. This is a dome-shaped tent, build up out of hexagons.

This tent can be used for various occasions such as performances, a corporate party, a (village) festival or a wedding. We supply the hexagon Dome tent in various sizes, ranging from small-scale to very large Domes.

We always find a suitable Hexagon Dome tent for the occasion. Explore all options for building your unique Dome. See here all options for creating your unique dome.

Hexagon Dome tent - Dome tent

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  • 9 standard sizes
  • Diameter between ø 6 meter and ø 30 meter
  • Surface area range between 29 m2 and 700 m2.
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Hexagon Dome tent - Options
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Style the Dome completely to taste

A hexagon Dome tent is suitable for every occasion. Our wide range offers many possibilities. Domes Europe is therefore a reliable and versatile partner.
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Various choices for a hexagon Dome tent

The standard Domes in our range, with a varying diameter between 6 and 30 meters, can be customized and styled as desired. For instance, you could combine several hexagon Dome tents, give them a specific theme, or work with mood lighting in and around the Domes.

Given the fact that many of our Domes consist of translucent material, exceptional lighting effects are a serious possibility. This can work perfectly, for example, at a stage performance or a product presentation. You can adjust the entire atmospherical experience with the hypothetical push of a button.

Not only the hexadome Dome tent itself is crucial, the way you dress and furnish the Dome is also important. You can easily adapt our tents to your theme or type of event. With simple additions such as flooring, furniture and accessories, you can quickly turn the Dome into your unique eye-catcher. We are happy to think along with you so that the atmosphere fits your idea or concept.

What we can do for you

Your wishes and ideas are pivotal and we are happy to go over them together. We supply the hexagon Dome tent, you supply your creative wishes. In this way we can help each other, and together we can make the implementation of your Dome a great success.

Because you know what you need, we can brainstorm about the best fitting hexagon Dome tent and the interior. If you are not yet sure what you need, we are more than happy to help you. We are with you throughout the process.

We build the hexagon Dome tent at the desired location for you. If necessary, we do this in close consultation with light and sound technicians or other suppliers. You can go through all the options at your leisure on this website. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them.

So, please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to assist you in any way possible. Together we are able to realize the hexagon Dome that lifts your event to new highs.

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Hexagon Dome tent - Options