Geodesic dome tent for sale
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Geodesic dome tent for sale

Compose your own Dome tent!

Buying a Dome tent opens up a world of possibilities for you. Of course you do want to buy a high quality Dome that meets the excpectations of your target audience. Need a temporary event location? It is also possible to rent a Dome!

You can compose the Dome tent completely the way you want. The following options are customizable:


Are you going to use the Dome for a workshop space, for example? Or as a festival area? It is important to choose the right size. Choose from 1 of 9 varying diameters between 6 and 30 meters.


A unique construction, adaptable to any desired shape, size and color. A Dome structure is in itself unique and special to see. But to ensure that the Dome fits in well with your event, shape and color can mean a lot. You can choose from any RAL color for the tubes and the Dome structures are extremely suitable for hanging light and sound. Do you want something unique and special? Our creative team thinks along with you and helps you make choices.


Choose a print or color in your own theme or corporate identity. In addition to the standard transparent, translucent and Blockout covers, it is also possible to have your own logo or corporate identity elements printed or to place temporary cover stickers.


Several options are available to treat your guests to a great view.


There are different door versions. Options include fixed doors such as a glass door or the standard open zipper door. Ideal for a large entrance and exit of the public. Do you want something unique? We tailor the door for you! Completely suited to your style and type of event.

Floor system

There are several floor systems available suitable for every type of surface. Think of an aligned steel system floor or a wooden decking floor. We level all our floors and ensure that you are not bothered by moving floor parts.

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Geodesic dome tent for sale - Dome sale
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What is a Dome?

A Dome is the most original and memorable location for any event and any occasion. A Dome has a dome-shaped or geodesic structure and is very flexible to use. Think of festivals, corporate events, trade shows, weddings and business meetings. But Domes can also be used as a greenhouse, temporary shelter or temporary storage.

Why a dome?

Purchasing a dome has many advantages. Because a dome is flexible you can use the unique tent for all kinds of occasions and events. The extraordinary appearance of the tent gives your events and meetings a special futuristic atmosphere. You will immediately attract the attention of all your guests.

In addition, a Dome can be put together completely according to your wishes. The choice of colors is very large because the tubes can be powder coated in any RAL color. You can also choose from various covers, sizes, floor structures, type of door and window, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Domes Europe

We are the experts in the field of geodesic domes. We provide customers worldwide with unique Domes, both for sale and for rent. From small intimate domes to large custom-made domes. We offer endless choices and possibilities. Would you like more information about our beautiful Domes? Feel free to contact us!

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Geodesic dome tent for sale - Dome sale

Geodesic Dome Tent

A Geodesic Dome Tent is a unique and unforgettable temporary location. A Geodesic Dome is the perfect solution for the most ambitious and exclusive projects. They can be used for business events, music festivals and promotional live shows. In addition, they are fully adaptable to your wishes and needs. The tent offers enough space and at the same time a special ambiance. This makes Geodesic Domes ideal for the event industry.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Dome?
A Dome is a tent with a dome-shaped or geodesic structure, which can be used as a temporary event location.
What can I use a Dome for?
A Dome can be used as a temporary location at events. Think of events such as weddings, fairs, festivals, business meetings, and so on. In addition, a Dome can also serve as a greenhouse, temporary shelter or temporary storage.
What materials does a Dome consist of?
The construction of our Domes is made of high-quality galvanized steel. Together with the geodesic design, this strong material provides a solid structure. The covers of our Domes are made of different materials. You can choose from Airtex, Block Out, PVC Color or Transparent.
How weatherproof is a Dome?
We have designed our Domes in such a way that they can be used during all seasons. The use of materials and the unique design create a sturdy construction. This sturdy construction withstands strong winds and bad weather.
Do you build the Dome or do I have to do it myself?
Construction and dismantling are not included in the sale of Domes. Our experienced construction team will of course be happy to set up and/or dismantle your Dome.
Do you also sell inflatable Domes?
No. Unfortunately we do not sell inflatable Domes.
How much does a Dome cost?
This very much depends on the size, structure, cover, windows and doors and the floor system. Do you still want to know a specific price? Feel free to contact us or request a free quote.
Do you also sell used Domes?
Certainly! You can buy any Dome from our rental stock. Feel free to contact us and discover what we can do for you.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We can deliver worldwide. Feel free to contact us and discover what we can do for you.
What is the delivery time?
The delivery time depends on the configuration of the desired Dome(s). Contact us if you want to know more about this.
How unique is your event?
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