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Unveiling new truck range

Volvo Trucks

Sales of the new Volvo Trucks range in the Netherlands started in September. Together with Volvo Trucks Nederland and GO Group, Domes Europe devised an interactive showroom that used our Domes in an inventive and unique way.

During the course of a month Volvo received their customers at their head office in Beesd. There, on the parking lot, we built a large Dome with a diameter of 30 meters. The all black cover gave it a sturdy look. Then we set up a smaller fully transparent 11 meter diameter Dome inside the big Dome.

During the entire process you have been flexible and constructive and you have delivered a wonderful creative performance.

— Charles Engelaar, Director Marketing & Communication

Spread out over several sessions per day Volvo invited their visitors to step inside the Dome for a presentation about the new models. Due to smart lighting techniques they were completely unaware of the four trucks parked right next to the Dome Tent they were sitting in.

At the end of the presentation the lights dimmed and a light and sound show commenced. In the end the show reached its apotheosis in the unveiling of the four new models.

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