Dome tent options

Dome tent options

Discover all the options to customize your Dome


9 standard diameters varying between Ø6 and Ø30 meters


Surface: 29 m2
Height: 3,6 m
Dome tent sizes - 6m


Surface: 41 m2
Height: 4,4 m
Dome tent sizes - 7m


Surface: 65 m2
Height: 4,6 m
Dome tent sizes - 9m


Surface: 95 m2
Height: 6,1 m
Dome tent sizes - 11m


Surface: 141 m2
Height: 6,7 m
Dome tent sizes - 14m


Surface: 262 m2
Height: 9,1 m
Dome tent sizes - 19m


Surface: 380 m2
Height: 11 m
Dome tent sizes - 22m


Surface: 560 m2
Height: 13,4 m
Dome tent sizes - 27m


Surface: 700 m2
Height: 15 m
Dome tent sizes - 30m

Big Buck

Surface: 1950 m2
Height: 15 m
Dome tent sizes - Big Buck
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Dome windows

Treat your guests to a stunning view
Dome tent options - Bayview window


Do you want your visitors to enjoy a beautiful view? Then you can optionally provide the Dome with a Bayview window. This is a large transparent window the size of about 25% of the side of the Dome, and usually 3 structure rows high.

Dome tent options - Panorama view window

Panorama view

With a Panorama view window you create a spectacular 360 degree panorama view. You produce such an effect by combining 5 Bayview Windows.

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Dome flooring

Different floor systems, suitable for every type of surface
Dome tent options - Leveled system floor

Leveled system floor

Domes Europe has developed a special floor system for the Domes. Thanks to the solid subfloor, uneven surfaces are not a problem! We level the floor and eliminate all unevenness in the surface. The steel structure is equipped with concrete plywood anti-skid sheets. The Dome construction is attached to this floor so that it also serves as part of the required ballast.

Dome tent options - Optional extras

Round wooden platform floor

This floor system is easy and ideal for flat surfaces. The floor can be laid quickly and falls exactly within the Dome. The platforms are laid in such a way that one complete floor is created. This way you will not have to deal with independently moving floor parts. When using the platform floor, the Dome must always be anchored with pins or concrete blocks.

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Custom Dome structure

Adaptable in shape, size and color

A Dome structure is unique in itself and interesting to look at. But for the Dome Tent to fit in well with your event, shape and color can do a lot. Even without a cover, a Dome can be an impressive decorative object at your event. Decorate your Dome structure in your own theme with banners or stretch fabrics, for example.

Dome structures are produced from high-quality steel tubing. The standard color of the structure is white or black, but of course any desired ral color is available to fit your needs. Dome structures are strong and extremely suitable for rigging light and sound equipment. Circle truss or complicated rigging plan? Let us know!

Do you want something truly special and unique? Look no further! Our creative team is happy to think along with you and help you make choices. Of course we also ensure that the Dome is placed in a secure way and that you can use the Dome safely. All our constructions are tested to the highest European safety standards.

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Dome tent options - Custom Domes structure
How unique is your event?
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