BBRI: Ambitions 2025
Belgian Building Research Institute
Belgian construction sector Ambitions 2025 presented from a Dome

BBRI: Ambitions 2025

The Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) is a Belgian private research institution. The aim of the BBRI is to ‘promote applied research in the construction industry in order to increase its competitiveness’.

In order to achieve this goal, the BBRI presented its ambitions for the next 5 years in January 2021. The focus is mainly on 3 so-called axes: the profession, the Green Deal and Construction 4.0. The presentation of these ambitions took place from the beautiful, monumental and hyper-durable Gare Maritime in Brussels.

The event was completely virtual, and the realization was handed over to AV image by BBRI. Domes Europe built a completely transparent 14 meter Dome Tent in the historic building. During the event, several speakers explained the impact the BBRI wants to have on the sector. In addition to a meaningful event, the result produced some fantastic pictures!

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BBRI: Ambitions 2025