360° projection
360° projection possibilities
The ultimate experience for your brand

360° projection

Perfect in combination with our Block Out cover

The round shape and the surface of the white interior make the Dome extremely suitable for projection. Be surrounded by an immersive 360-degree projection liner where the images seem to become reality. Visitors and potential customers are animated and activated by your content creation. It is like virtual reality.

There are 2 options for projecting 360 degrees. First, the 360 projection domes can be fitted with a seamless inside cover on which the content can be projected. A vaccuum is created between the outside and inside cover creating a completely seamless, round projection screen.

The second, and most budget-friendly, solution is to project your content directly onto the structure and the cover. We use a matte white powder-coated structure and provide the Dome Tent with a white Block out cover, which does not allow light to pass through. Also included is a surround sound system.

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360 degree projection

Add atmosphere to any event

360-degree projections add atmosphere to any event. From theatre performances to video game events. And from concerts to business events where audiovisual appeal is an important factor. In recent years, 360-degree projections have attracted increasing attention and are used for daring applications. The 360-degree projections are also often used for exclusive dinners, weddings and conferences.

Domes Europe combines technology with design and art to turn any event into a special experience. A special experience that guests will not soon forget!

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