Geodesic dome rental

Geodesic dome tent rental

The ultimate experience for your brand

Geodesic dome tent rental

Real eye-catchers for your event

Create a unique atmosphere for your product presentations, brand activations, festival area, workshop space, projection room for 360° projections or any other event imaginable.

Geodesic dome tent rental - Dome tent
  • 9 standard sizes
  • Diameters range from 6 up to 30 meters
  • Surface area range from 29 m2 up to 700 m2
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Geodesic dome tent rental - Explore all options for putting together your unique Dome
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Why should I use a Dome?

Domes Europe is the specialist in the field of geodesic domes. But what makes this tent so unique? The answer lies in the appearance of the tent, the geodesic dome structures. Every festival or event gets a unique look due to the special futuristic appearance. The size of the tent and the dome-shaped structure will attract the attention of all your guests. You can pick from a wide range of colors to personalize the Dome and make it fit your brand or theme. The tubes can be powder coated in any RAL color as desired. You can also choose from different types of covers, whichever matches your event. Together with you, we ensure that the Dome tent is a perfect fit for your event.

The possibilities

The possibilities are endless. In addition to the color choice of the tubes, we work with standard white and black structures. But a different color structure is also possible in consultation. Cover options range from transparent covers, the translucent covers Airtex & PVC or the Blockout covers that are completely opaque. The latter is ideal for a (360°) projection.

The size, the floor structure, the type of door and the windows of the Dome also ensure a suitable appearance and make your event complete. Due to the custom structure, the possibilities of the Dome are endless! For under all weather conditions, from high quality.


Geodesic Domes are suitable for any event. Geodesic Domes are often used for concerts, video game events, theatre performances, exclusive dinners, corporate events, weddings, conferences and multimedia presentations. The tent offers a unique experience for every audience. From young to old, from business to leisure, from a group of friends to family. Your audience will never forget this experience!

Explore all options for putting together your unique Dome.

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Geodesic dome tent rental - Make your dome unique

Frequently asked questions

What is a Dome?
A Dome is a tent with a dome-shaped or geodesic structure, which can be used as a temporary event location.
What materials does a Dome consist of?
The construction of our Domes is made of high-quality galvanized steel. Together with the geodesic design, this strong material provides a solid structure. The covers of our Domes are made of different materials. You can choose from Airtex, Block Out, PVC Color or Transparent.
How weatherproof is a Dome?
We have designed our Domes in such a way that they can be used during all seasons. The use of materials and the unique design create a sturdy construction. This sturdy construction withstands strong winds and bad weather.
Do I have to build the Dome myself?
That is not necessary! When renting, set-up and dismantling are always included.
Do you also rent to private individuals?
Certainly! We also rent to private persons. Feel free to contact us and discover what we can do for you.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We can deliver worldwide. Feel free to contact us and discover what we can do for you.
What is the delivery time?
The delivery time for rental is subject to availability.
How unique is your event?
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