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Frequently asked questions

What is a Dome?
A Dome is a dome-shaped (or geodetic) structure that Domes Europe mainly uses as a temporary location for events. These events include festivals, product presentations, brand activations, trade shows, weddings and corporate events. Other uses of Dome tents include: greenhouse, temporary accomodation (glamping) or temporary storage.
What does 'geodesic dome' mean?
A geodesic dome is a dome-shaped vault that can be made very light due to the special construction. Richard Buckminster Fuller is often seen as the inventor of the geodesic dome. The structure of the dome is based on the division of the icosahedron (a regular shape with twenty faces that also forms the basis of a football), with 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons.

The concept saves on material use and leaves a lot of space due to the rigidity of the construction. The construction is self-supporting, so no further support is required.
What is the Dome structure made of?
Our Dome structures are made from high-quality galvanized steel. Together with the geodesic design of the Dome, a very strong structure is created that is relatively light and uses a minimum of material. The pipes can be powder coated in any desired ral color for a nice, smooth finish. For our standard rental Domes we mainly work with white and black structures.

Do you want a different color structure? Please contact us to inquire about the possibilities.
What is the Dome cover made of?
Dome covers are made from Airtex, PVC, Blockout or transparent material.

Airtex covers are made from a thin, lightweight yet durable material. It is a translucent material.

PVC covers are made of 2 layers of durable PVC and are therefore slightly thicker than Airtex. The material is still translucent, albeit to a lesser extent than Airtex.

Blockout covers are made of three layers of durable PVC. The material itself is slightly more shiny than Airtex and does not let (day) light through. Very suitable for (360 °) projection in the Dome.

Transparent covers are made of clear PVC. This is the same material that our bayview and panorama view windows are made of.
What type of cover do I need?
The type of cover you need depends very much on the type of event you have in mind. If you are organizing a one-day event with workshops, an Airtex cover is the best option. If you want to work with (360 °) projection in the Dome, then an opaque Blockout cover is the right choice.

We are happy to help you pick the right type of cover.
Can I have a fixed door installed in the Dome?
Fixed doors in our Domes are possible from Dome diameter ø 14 meters and up. In that case we supply standard double doors that can be locked and also have panic bars on the inside for a quick exit. The doors can be fitted with glass or solid panels.
Does the Dome always have to be anchored?
At events where our Domes are built outdoors, the Domes must always be anchored. We prefer to anchor the Dome to our own weighted aligned system floor, which also serves as a ballast for the tent.

At events where the Domes are built indoors, anchoring is (usually) not necessary.
Do you also rent or sell inflatable Domes?
No, we do not have inflatable Domes in our range.
Do you also rent to private individuals?
Certainly! Send us an email with your wishes (or call us) and learn what we can do for you.
Do you also offer used Domes for sale?
Yes, any Dome from our rental range is available for purchase. Contact us to inquire about available Domes and pricing.
Do you deliver worldwide?
We can supply and build Domes worldwide for both rental and sale contracts. Contact us for more information, delivery times, etc.
Will Domes Europe build my Dome for me?
For our rental Domes, set-up and dismantling is always included.

When you buy a Dome, set-up and dismantling are not automatically included. Naturally, our experienced crew is happy to build or dismantle your Dome.

Buckminster Fuller

Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller was a renowned 20th century American inventor and visionary. He was a man ahead of his time and most famous for his invention of the geodesic dome.

Other scientists later named a newfound molecule after Buckminster Fuller, Buckminsterfullerene. A more popular name for this molecule is "bucky balls", mainly because of their structure and shape.

The American Institute of Architects calls the geodesic dome the "strongest, lightest and the most efficient means of enclosing a space known to man".

The spherical shape and structure makes the domes resistant to hurricanes and extreme snowfall. Also, domes are the safest structures to be inside during an earthquake. The "peaceful" domes are designed to support both internal and external loads.

Domes Europe - Buckminster Fuller
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